WES Trophy Buckle

WES TROPHY BUCKLE WES has produced a customised trophy buckle which is available for members to buy to celebrate any award that they win at a WES event from a class win to a high point award. The buckles are manufactured by Montana Silversmiths and are exclusive to WES. Cost is £95 including postage. An…

New Approved Patterns For 2016

2016-patterns The new patterns and numbers will update and replace all existing patterns and numbers as from 1st March 2016. Note to judges and show secs. revised score sheets will follow soon.

New Clothing Range

New for 2016.  Our range of WES Clothing provided by Total Clothing.  The range can be increased if member’s wish. Click on link below to be taken to their website. WES CLOTHING RANGE

Join WES Online!

We know how it is, hardly any of us can find our cheque books, and let’s not even talk about going and finding postage stamps and of course transferring money electronically is OK, but who can find the little identifier machine when you need it.   So, we’ve listened to what you’ve said, and we’re pleased…

The Beginning of WES

WE WERE THERE AT THE BIRTH – Roger Wells Roger is the editor of the quarterly WES News, a publication sent to all members updating them with news, events, and all the WES News you love.  Here he talks about the formation of WES, back in 1985….  1985 . . . I remember it well.…