Virtual Shows - WES are not offering these at this time

Virtual Shows - WES are not offering these at this time

We appreciate that for many, travelling to and from shows is not an option. Maybe you dont have transport, or lack the time to commit to the preparation and attendance of shows, maybe you just don't like the show scene (not everyone does!).

To accommodate this, WES operates a number of “virtual” shows each year that our members are invited to enter.

How Does it Work?

Virtual shows are really straight forward and easy to enter. You can participate at home or at your yard, anywhere you can find the space to complete the required patterns.

  • Sign up to the Shows you wish to enter (list to follow at the bottom of this page)
  • Pay your entry fee
  • Download and learn the patterns for the classes you have entered
  • Upload your entry to our website using our easy to use submission system

Once the entry date for the show has passed, the named judge will review each of the entries and provide comments before selecting placed winners.

Winners will be announced on the Website, Facebook and by email to the relevant competitors


  • Competitors may show in either English or western tack
  • Youth riders under 14 years of age must wear a hardhat
Advisory for the wearing of protective headgear at WES events

The human head is very vulnerable and may suffer considerable damage owing to injuries caused by a fall or impact from a horse. Injuries to the head may have long term effects and in some cases can be life threatening. It has been proven that wearing a correctly fitted, good condition riding hat can protect the wearer from injury or reduce the overall effect of any impact or injury. Wearing of Western Hats: Competitors at a WES approved show can wear a Stetson, youth riders aged 14-18 the disclaimer must be counter signed by a parent/guardian). Youth members under the age of 14 it is mandatory when riding that they wear an approved hard hat. It is recommended that approved hard hats are always worn whilst schooling and hacking out. Please make sure you are covered by your own insurance.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are specific to the shows and classes that you enter. In each instance the prizes are clearly highlighted on the entry forms.

When are the shows?

We are running 4 Virtual Shows in 2023 with details as follows.

  • March- Showmanship and Horsemanship (videos to be submitted no later than 31st March) - closed
  • May - Trail and Horsemanship (videos to be submitted no later than 31st May) - closed
  • July - Showmanship and Trail (videos to be submitted no later than 31st August) - open
  • October - Showmanship and Horsemanship (videos to be submitted no later than 31st Oct)

Show Patterns and Judging

The show patterns are now available in the PDF file below for the shows taking place in 2023.

WES Online Show 3 AllTrail.pdf105.8KB
WES Online Show 3 All Showmanship.pdf99.3KB
Mick Carder has kindly offered to Judge the May Virtual Show entries.

Submitting Show Entries

🔥 You can now submit your show entries using the form found here 🔥

Register to enter a virtual show (or multiple shows!)

Please use the form below to register to enter this years virtual shows. - please note, that on some devices the “next” button is off screen (scroll), if you are unable to submit using this form please go to the following link and submit there instead.

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