Dani O’Brien

Dani O’Brien

Youth Officer

My name is Dani and I’ve been riding and competing western for nearly 15years. People may remember me riding the lovely Seren Jolly Profit in a morph suit, covered in blue lights in the charity pleasure class at the WES Nationals! Since then I have trained my own Paint horse Katch and I now share a talented and kind QH, Cooper with my 8 year old daughter, Autumn.

It is my daughter’s ambitions that have inspired me to take on the role of Youth Officer. Autumn regularly competes and has western lessons on Cooper, and also hacks out on her own western horse, Brazil. But most of the time she is on her own and she would like more children to share lessons, camps and classes at the shows.

I would love to encourage more members by creating fun clinics/camps, more youth/little britches classes at shows and setting fun challenges for those who struggle to attend venues. I have previous experience both as a WES area rep and a council member of UKPHA.

The youth is the future of western sport in the uk and we must group together to encourage more participation.