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Hi there,

I am very interested to find out more about Western riding options in Kent (we are based halfway between Sevenoaks & Maidstone). I am very keen to find a school for my teenage daughters, both of whom have ridden before, classic style, but it's been a while.

My 2 daughters, Soraya and Sofia, aged 16 and 14, both c45kg, have done a bit of riding when they were younger, and they and I are keen to do western riding.

For my part, I've done a fair bit of western riding over the years, in the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Africa, and as you'll know, once you've ridden western-style, there's no turning back.

I'm currently out of action, having had some surgery to fix a slipped disc a few months back, so this for now, is all about teaching my daughters all about western riding, so they can go from beginners to confident riders over the next few years. And as soon as doc allows, I would love to join them (I'm 80-85kg depending on time of year!)

Your help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,