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Dear Sirs,

I am a representative of EPLA,( Equine, Pets, Livestock & Animal healthcare LTD) a company which specialises in parasitology. Our aim is to raise awareness of the best practices around parasites.

We have been providing parasite management consultancy services in the UK for over 20 years though our Intelligent Worming brand whilst our laboratory, which was set up in partnership with the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Liverpool provides diagnostic testing services to yards, horse owners and vets. We also have a retail shop

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and are the only UK company able to offer all three services to yards and horse owners, and include testing for their pets as well.

I'm writing to enquire about potential advertisement on your website and would like to know more detail on the option of direct emails to your mailing list. We would be pleased to work with you in regards to any cross promotional services that we could provide together and any bespoke packages we could potentially create together.

I look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards