Sad Loss of two founder members

It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of two of our founder members during the first part of 2017. Bill Sheppard passed away New Year’s Day after a short illness, whilst Thea Lloyd died suddenly on 13th January.
Bill was a former Chairman of WES and I had the privilege of working with him to restructure the Society to its current format with a separate Council and Area Reps (Previously the Area Reps had formed the Council which had become a logistical nightmare). Bill hosted most of the Council meetings supported by his wife Julia who took on the role of Youth Officer for several years.
Bill also hosted several Western Fun days which are remembered with great affection.
Bill retired to Cornwall but retained his links with WES through his Acheivement Award and the Turnout Award which are still given annually.
In August 2016 Bill and Julia were able to attend the WES Nationals and it was great to catch up with him. He was a real gentleman.
Thea has been a long time stalwart of WES, a founder member, former Area Rep, Judge and Instructor. The WES Logo we all use today was designed by Thea and her influence has spread throughout the Society being one of the original group who promoted WES with demo’s in the early days with Bob Mayhew and Jim Chapman.
Since moving to Wales Thea concentrated on teaching and more recently took on a new horse to bring on. She was also involved in promoting Western in Ireland.
Our thoughts and prayers are with both families, they will be sadly missed.
David Brindley, Chairman