History of Western Riding

The History of Western Riding.

WESTERN Riding is one of the oldest forms of equitation to survive to the present day. Its origins lie deep in history – for surely from the readings of Xenophon 400 years B.C. we learn the basics of riding a well schooled horse. One that would move under weight transference, away from leg pressure, and be supple through its head, neck, shoulder, rib cage and hip. One that ultimately would be so light and responsive that it could be ridden one handed, and yet perform correctly enough that a man’s life could depend on that horse working with his rider as a harmonious team. Around the early 1500’s the Spanish conquistadors entered the New World and re-introduced the horse. From here came the style of riding that has changed very little today. A style of riding that lends itself to a great many everyday riders – yet still poses exacting challenges to make it one of the most interesting yet practical disciplines that is on offer.